Sky House

Explore Tinos

Tinos smiled at us when we first visited twenty years ago, and it still does. You can explore the 40+ beautiful villages and the great walking paths that connect them. Enjoy the incredible food and local produce offered in the island’s traditional tavernas and restaurants. Interact with Tinos’ open-hearted residents who take pride in and care deeply for their island.

Leading up to and for the duration of your stay, we are always available to help you tailor your Tinos experience to your own personal preferences and interests through our carefully selected recommendations,.

Beaches, buzzy or serene,
pebbly or sandy, take your pick!

Closest to Sky House are Kalivia, a sandy stretch in a protected cove, with Markos’ beach bar on one edge & a quieter side on the other (3.7 kms); Yiannakis Cove with its traditional fish tavern & trendy restaurant (3.8 kms); & Agios Petros, reached via a short descent by foot offers singular peace and seclusion..

We also suggest Agia Thalassa in Panormos (secluded beach accessible by foot), Livada (pebbled with intriguing rock formations), Kolimbithra, (home to a surf club & the island’s most popular bar), Pachia Ammos (uniquely green tinted sand, a sand dune & a café/bar), Apigania (perhaps the serenest sandy stretch on the island, the 10 minute-trek down can be challenging but immediately rewarding), Agios Fokas (long sandy stretch with trendy bars). Agios Romanos (sandy with shallow waters, great for young children). Kionia (numerous taverns & the archeological site of Poseidon & Amphritite).

Patron Gods & Patron Saints

In ancient times the patron god of tinos was poseidon. One of the main archaeological sites in Kionia is dedicated jointly to Poseidon & his wife Amfitritis, a rare example of shared homage. The ancient coin of Tinos portrays his seated image with his trident & dolphins upon the waves.

Today, the Greek-Orthodox and Catholic traditions also find a harmoniously shared home on the island. There are over 700 Greek Orthodox & Catholic churches & chapels plus several monasteries. The queen of them is the Orthodox Church of the Annunciation of Virgin Mary, a pilgrimage destination, built where a miracle working icon was discovered by a local nun acting upon a vision in the early 19th century. The Catholic Archdiocese of Tinos, Naxos and Mykonos is also seated in Tinos, in the village of Xinara.

Tinos Trails

Tinos is a hiking destination with extensive network well marked paths.

Take your pick of coastal or inland trails that will steer you through & along marble villages, quarries, dovecotes, monasteries, churches & archaelogical sites. Explore the mysterious Tolkienesque boulder forest of Volax. or climb up Exomvourgo Rock, once the seat of a Venetian castle.

Check out Tinos trails for more info.

Tinos for Every Season

In late August & September locals begin to enjoy the bounty of their land by harvesting & pressing their grapes (Trygos). In October, they distill the local spirit, raki, & in November they open their barrels to taste their wine. December is for the curing of meats. All the while, the rains gradually transform the island into emerald-green.

Wild-flowers, edible wild greens & mushrooms rule the island in February & March, while Easter celebrations & artichoke harvest take over the months of April & May as Tinos gears up for the busy months of summer.

Sky house is well equipped for the colder months averaging 16-17 Celcius in the daytime, with central heating and fireplaces.