Sky House

Dip pool, Gardens & Outdoors

Unobtrusive and in harmony with the landscape, the property offers a well-situated pool and deck, beautiful gardens, seated areas, and a waterlily pond.

Pool & Deck

From the house, take the northern path along the edge of the property, past mulberry and olive trees, to find the pool and deck, shaped into the landscape under a mesmerizing concave rock. You can relax and soak in some sun on the deck or take a dip and refresh yourself, all while taking in the breathtaking sea views and Cycladic Sunset with a beverage of your choice in hand.


Wander around in the soothing presence of mulberry trees, olive trees, a small organic vegetable patch and a dry garden with oleanders, geraniums, lavender, thyme, rosemary, sage and helichrysum.

Discover the many shaded nooks offered for meditation, reading, playing backgammon, chatting or simply daydreaming while taking in the views and being one with the moment and natural landscape.

The verandahs offer wind protected as well as open air spaces for outdoor dining, sunset drinks.

The Lily Pond

We are also lucky to have a small year-round dripping spring which collects water in a small waterlily pond.​